Monday, September 12, 2011

Terry's Selection

My good friend, Arnil from OLD school was in town for a 2week break from doctorate school in London. Naturally, I was in charge of choosing the restaurant. So i picked Terry's Selection, thinking that he must be tired of eating fish and chips! (Ofcourse, I didn't choose a filipino resto because it would only be proper to eat filipino food at home, so I was saving that for that) Anyway, when he asked me what to order, I said "CHORIZO ON PIGGY BACK!", to his horror, he exclaimed "CHORIZO, NANAMAN?!" If only I'd known that back in his place, his spanish neighbors would eat chorizo for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner too, I would have chosen a different place!

terry's podium

the open air kitchen

My oldschool friends: Atty. Gabriel and soon to be Dr. Arnil (that smart lad studying at the London School of Economics)

Caezar's Salad

Chorizo Omelette

fluffy and nice
soft shell crab with cheese risotto

photo taken by arnil

grilled sea bass with roasted aioli potatoes
Chorizo on piggy back (image from the web)

This is flambeed with Sherry Brandy. (My friend Haidee's comment: Barcino's chistorra is better! )

*Have to go back and try the paella and jamon serrano.

Lower Ground Level
The Podium

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