Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2ND'S, comfort food

I've been curious and wanting to eat at this restaurant that serves creative comfort food. So when the opportunity came, I asked my old time friend and college dorm mate to try it out with me ...
(* Thanks for taking care of the tab sugarbuns!)

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The place is really laid back, warm, cozy and inviting. Leather chairs, wooden tables, warm lighting... We got so caught up in our conversation that I only managed to take a few photos. 

Bacon Chicharon
Honestly, this was one of the reasons why I wanted to eat at 2ND'S. I wanted to try their signature dish, "BACON CHICHARON". You see, Bacon is really one of my most favorite things in the world.  There was even a time that I had it everyday for breakfast for a month! (no joke) I would deep fry an already oven-baked bacon to a perfect crisp! My roommate had to stop me from consuming it as she was already getting worried about my health and waistline haha! Oh, I have a serious love affair with my bacon. Anyway, I'm rambling... back to 2ND'S BACON CHICHARON, I don't understand all the hype on the restaurant's signature dish. Maybe if it was served warm and fresh, it would have been better. Here's what it is, It's bacon that's lightly battered and deep fried, served with a muscovado mustard dip and spiced vinegar and a little bit of salad on the side. Fancy, eh? NOT!
I really did not enjoy this and seriously regretted that we ordered this for our appetizer, but still ate it  anyway because we came hungry. We should have ordered the foie gras salpicao instead! Hmm...maybe the  restaurant was having an off day because I'm seriously wondering why everyone's been raving about it. It was oily and  it wasn't even that crispy at all. Although some parts were nice & crisp, some parts  of the strip was crackling hard to the point that you really feel like you're eating chicharon, BUT a hard one at that. As for the taste, my friend said it tasted like those instant crackers you can buy in the grocery and deep-fry. 

Triple Mushroom Risotto

This one, I loved. This dish can feed 4-5! I haven't had risotto for a quite awhile and this is exactly how it tasted like when we use to make in culinary school and I haven't been exactly successful in making it from scratch at home because I lack "the patience"... In my opinion, this one was just perfect. It was full of flavor, had a rich creamy consistency and a simple comforting aroma. It was laden with bits of mushrooms, drizzled with a balsamic glaze and truffle oil. =) 

Crispy Duck Confit
I liked this one too. Crispy Duck Confit with Emmenthal mashed potatoes, pineapple chutney, caramelized onions and red & white cabbage. The duck was cooked to a crisp, not how I normally have it, so this was a wonderful change. The pineapple chutney and the crispy duck went well together. I don't remember eating the mash because I was already getting full fast from the risotto!

my plate

From the get-go, the warm inviting ambiance will make you curious and leave you wanting to try more. Overall, i think it's a bit overpriced, but I wasn't defeated because I was happy with our main course. So i guess, yes, i might be coming back for 2nd's =) 

2/F Wumaco Bldg. 1, Quadrant 3,
9th Ave. Bonifacio High Street

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