Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Mamou, a home kitchen

MAMOU, named after the owner, Mamou Fores, (also the brainchild behind Blue Kitchen) advertises home-cooking at its best. I can’t really discern the cuisine. It’s a mixture of many different dishes, a sort of mish-mash of influences where I guess Mamou takes comfort in cooking. Perhaps these are her favorite dishes that she prepares in her home gatherings... 

I hear they have two seatings for dinner, meaning if you come in at 6:30, you should be out by 8:20, to make way for the second seating/ incoming guests. I've been here 3 times and have never booked a reservation, always lucky enough to snag seats and was never told to leave for the next dinner schedule.

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I always enjoy deliciously fresh and warm complimentary bread baskets. J and I finished all of the brown ones because they're so good, our server gladly offered to replenish the basket with just the brown bread.

duck adobo rice

squid ink pasta 
This was really flavorful and rich, although I wish they added a bit more of the teeny weeny squid pieces that's in the pasta ... Definitely NOT recommended if you're on a date, as this is too challengingly messy to eat. Your lips and teeth will get ink stains. QUE HORROR! 

lamb curry

kurobota pork sinigang
This dish won my heart... It is probably one of the top dishes I would  recommend to friends and family or just about anyone who asks and wants to have a satisfyingly good meal. It is actually addicting. I have friends who keep coming back to Mamou just for this!

The Kurobota pork (KUROBOTA PORK - Black pig, Japanese pork that's raised in America, prized for its juicyness, tenderness and flavor, it is pink hued and heavily marbled) is simmered in a tamarind broth and ripe tomatoes and then thickened with gabi (taro root). It has ample amounts of veggies and pre-fried pork. Served with  your choice of red or white rice and shrimp paste.

Charbroiled Salmon with couscous, wild rice, dried fruits & nuts

Dry-aged USDA Angus Ribeye Steak

Ohh I was giddy. Who wouldn't be? When you can smell that something good is about to come your way.  The rich aroma wafting through the restaurant coming from the open kitchen was enough to keep me excited. The steak came last. It was served cut into pieces, looking delightfully rich as it was swimming in it's own oil.  The meat was charred on some parts but it was tender and perfectly cooked to our liking. They don't serve any sauce to go with it, but I'm fine with that because I'm one of those people who eat their steak with salt & pepper only. We did ask for sauce thought and all they gave us was worcestershire sauce. With or without the sauce, it was still good!

mi familia

Serendra, Fort Bonifacio

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