Monday, September 26, 2011

1950's Pan de Amerikana, bakery & restaurant

You certainly cannot miss this quirky restaurant with an upside down facade when you pass along White Plains Road.

J checking out the land rover

reaching out for the ceiling
topsy turvey

Laing P45

Bicol Express (good for 1) P40
Grilled Liempo P40

We've been passing by this restaurant for years and I can't believe we've only tried this now! Well it's nothing sort of spectacular but it's simple and good enough for the hungry stomach, and by simple, I mean, student meal prices! Where else can you get those kind of prices aside from a canteen or cafeteria? o diba? Restaurant ambiance eto! I also tried their wood fired - brick oven baked  giant pan de sal, which they are famous for... hmmm.. not bad. They say that in the 1950's, the pan de sal was that big because the Americans liked it that way, hence the name -- Pan de Amerikana..
 When we got home, i tried to find reviews on this resto, as it turns out they have 2 concept /themed branches already. The main branch is in Marikina and they have a signature dish called ENDLESS, which is like an embutido shaped liked the usual "leche flan". It is one of Marikina's most popular dish. *Note to self: must try on our next visit.
For me, this restaurant ain't bad at all. While it's true that you get what you pay for, I say this restaurant is a place where you can tame down that crouching tiger in your stomach in a jiffy and enjoy cheap home cooked meals in a nice ambiance. =) 

118 Katipunan Avenue White Plains 
Quezon City

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