Friday, September 02, 2011

Arya Persian Restaurant

We were on our way to the movies and was killing some time and what better way to do so by eating right? We tried chicken bonchon and still felt hungry and unsatisfied so my husband decided to give Arya a try. We've been wanting to try this out for years but never really got around to it.  And now, I'm glad we did. 

Usually, we just go to Mr. Kabab or Behrouz to get our kebab fix. But this restaurant is not your usual Middle Eastern joint where you get your usual seasoned meat and long grain rice, they have an extensive menu with authentic dish names that have informative descriptions for those less-familiar with Persian cuisine.

Garlic and Chili Sauce
Their garlic sauce is the best one I've tried.
Skewer Platter (beef, chicken & lamb)
My husband is not a fan of lamb but he enjoyed their lamb kebab so much that he ate all of it! 

Persian bread
I was expecting something like a Nan but they just serve your normal pita bread...

Arya's signature sauce
Arya's signature sauce is composed of grilled tomatoes that is skinned and then smashed to bits by the server and seasoned with S&P and garlic sauce/hot sauce. Just say YES when the server asks you If you would like them to prepare your tomatoes. It's good!

Arya is not exactly cheap eats, but its quality and authenticity make it well worth the cost.

Promenade Mall, Greenhills

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