Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Peking Garden

Another discount coupon. Peking Duck for only P1,700.  This was supposed to be a treat for our family but everyone else was busy that night and we had to use the coupon already, so J and I decided to brave Peking Garden in Trinoma all by ourselves.

Peking Duck P2,200 + P300 for every way

Deep Fried Duck- >pampulutan!

We only had it done 2 ways, I'm not fond of the soup and I didn't want any more wraps (minced duck meat with lettuce wrap) so I chose to have it deep-fried instead. We ordered salted fish fried rice to go with it. I know... I know what you're thinking... glutton much?  I think, this deep- fried way is perfect as your "pulutan" for those drinking sessions with friends.

I'm no expert when it comes to judging good Chinese food, let alone a Peking Duck. My husband is part Chinese and he says Peking Garden has got to be one of the best Chinese Restaurants here and I believe him. haha. But, here's what I have to say about their duck, the meat was really succulent and THE skin, oh the skin was crisp and barely had any fat on it... duck heaven! I almost felt guilty. All in all, though quite dizzy from all the fat/msg intake with our stomachs shamelessly filled to the brim, we were happy for having had a Peking Duck at Peking Garden.  =)

3F Trinoma Mall

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