Sunday, December 04, 2011

BonChon Chicken

Coming from a family that's been doing business dressing poultry for years, I tell you, chicken (!) is a staple food in our household. Fried chicken, chicken tinola, chicken adobo, pina-upong manok, chicken afritada, tinurbong chicken, chicken barbeque, etc. etc., however you wanna have it, ohh the possibilities are endless..  
 That's why whenever we eat out, we never rarely order chicken because my parents literally live, breathe, see chicken everyday that the last thing they wanna do is eat chicken (chicken nanaman?!) whenever they eat out. Although on the rare occasions that we do order a chicken dish, it must be because it is a novelty item on the menu, don't get me wrong, mind you, it is a welcome respite be it good tasting or not, however it is done, fried or steamed or what have you, chicken is our "bread and butter", literally and figuratively.  Oh wait, I was even teased the "chicken lady" by some friends at one point. 
 Anyway, I've been hearing a lot of raves about this popular chicken franchise that uses this double-frying technique that supposedly makes fried chicken less oily and stays crisp for a long time.  The famous franchise that is BonChon Chicken from Korea was made popular when it opened shop in New York. Bon Chon Chicken in New York was given the best chicken in the USA award in 2009.  (See! 2 years out of date na ako sa double frying technique nato!)  It still took me quite awhile to try it out, but I had to jump in the boat too, just so I can relate on what the fuss is all about.

Spicy glazed drumsticks 

Soy Garlic Wings


I was sold! I think this is the best fried chicken of its kind I've EVER had. I was greatly pleased at first bite. The sweet & spicy flavors of the sauce blended so well together with that totally crispy skin, Ohh... it was delightfully brittle but tender... I heard it will stay crisp for hours even if it was already soaked in it's sauce. I will definitely find out when I bring some home to my family and see if it that crispy glistening skin can withstand the travel from Manila to Angeles. The price is a bit steep, I guess that's probably due to being a franchise with a price placed on being a more premium brand. There are new establishments that also use the double-frying technique. Chicken Charlie, Manang's Chicken, I've tried all three, but BonChon Chicken comes first in my books  =)

BonChon Chicken
Ground Floor, Promenade Mall

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