Thursday, November 03, 2011

Trippin in Tacloban

J & I went to Ormoc (Pre-Halloween) to attend my friend Rica's wedding. We took the flight to Tacloban and from there it was a 2-hour drive going to Ormoc. (Distance was pretty much like Manila to Angeles, the only difference was the long zigzag roads going to Ormoc!).  Luckily though, We were in good company, so the constant merry chit chattering kept us from getting bored from the long drive. Our gracious host/tour guide and our friend, Sherry, took us to a nice fulfilling dinner on our first night and a hearty (but not good for the heart! hehe)  lunch the day after the wedding.  It was a short but fun trip! Will definitely be back here. I won't say much, hope you enjoy the photos! =)

Halaan Soup

Super Yummy Scallops!
Grilled Sweet Liempo.

Grilled Tanigue and their yummy take on atchara

 I was about to take actual photos but the waitress refrained me from doing so because it was not allowed...hmmm... I have no clue why. (If someone has an idea as to why, please feel free to comment  below and let me know!)  

Much like "DAMPA" here in Manila, Ocho Seafood & Grill offers a wide array of meat and seafood that's prepared & cooked to your liking. We had a pretty good satisfying meal at this resto. Everything we ordered was"malasa".

Ocho Seafood Restaurant & Grill 
Sen. Enage Street
Brgy. 54, Tacloban City 

Lunch is served! (photo form Nadine)

Hot & Sour Soup

 " piece de resistance", Tacloban Lechon with vinegar dipping sauce

look at that glistening crackling skin!
super yummy deep fried buns for the lechon!

Tacloban Royal Seafoods Restaurant
Justice Romualdez St. Tacloban City

Tacloban Delicacies (photo from Nadine)

Sweet Sweet Ormoc Pineapples

San Juanico Bridge

Macarthur's Landing. Palo, Leyte

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  1. I love this post. :) I wish I could tour you around Ormoc girl. Some day I will... :)