Sunday, November 13, 2011


Late night Mexican craving led us to "CHIHUAHUA". It was 2am and we were surprised to see that the restaurant turns into a bar late in the night or as early morning comes around. There were a group of people doing salsa dancing, the merry kind that makes you wanna join in and groove in the dance floor. Well, i would have joined but I wasn't dressed for the occasion. haha.


Ordering is easy and fuss-free. You just you select your meats or veggies from a board above and decide whether you want to have it in a soft taco, burrito, salad or burrito bowl. Service is quick but friendly, Although I assume the products were rendered into some slow cooking because the meats were really flavorful and strong.

Hot Sauce Library
You can just pick whichever tickles your fancy so long as it's already open. I think J and I chose one of those habanero based ones. I remember in college, My bestfriend Chay and I planned on collecting different types/kinds of hot sauces. I think I've started with quite a few and somehow lost interest along the way. . . But seeing this makes me want to collect again!

Condiments Bar
I super liked this idea, a self service condiments bar. I think it was a nice addition. Diners are free to indulge in three types of salsa of varying heat. Plus, some fresh lime, Pico de Gallo and one of my most favorite things --> pickled jalapenos!

Steak Burrito

Chipotle & Pickled Jalapenos

Soft Chicken Tacos with sour cream

A different kind of Mexican J & I are used to...but definitely a good one at that. Chihuahua's owners emphasize on it being a Tex-Mex joint. (I heard that one of them lived in Houston, Texas for many years and it was the kind of food he grew up in, so he is able to differentiate the distinction between what is authentic and what isn't and not just by relying on cookbooks). Ofcourse, Zapata's in Angeles is still our favorite kind of Mexican, what with all that good food at a cheap price. Tell me what can beat that. But here in Manila, Chihuahua's comes next in my list.

I will definitely try their Frozen Margarita on our next visit and the "Michelada". The Michelada is simply a glass of beer mixed with a dash of lime juice, and a few drops of Tabasco and Worcestershire sauces. 
So if you're in a mood to fill your tummy with some good Tex-Mex grub after a night of partying or have a couple of margaritas and some salsa dancing with your girls, GO Chihuahua! =) 

Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar
7838 Makati Ave. across A-Venue,

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  1. im down with margaritas and some salsa dancing. let's do this soon! xx