Friday, November 04, 2011

Happy Long Weekend!

Another long weekend is coming right up, Oh my... I'm still recuperating from all the festivities from last week! I feel old because I can barely keep up... My oh my... I'm hoping this coming weekend is gonna be slow and quiet but a leisurely one at that.  Time to catch up on some good 'ol reading, do some house cleaning... After all the merry activities - business errands, out of town trips, halloween, birthdays and a wedding, I think J would really appreciate  a quiet dinner, a good serving of some slow home cooking. Oh how I miss working in a commercial kitchen...The blood, sweat and tears... Okay now... I have to stop being nostalgic...
Here are some photos of the weekend that was...

KARAAGE Now open for biznezz!!!
12 course degustation 

look for the tongue! haha

Brenda's 30th

Happy Birthday to my dearest best friend!

Cheers to another beautiful weekend!

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  1. I miss cooking in the kitchen too. And indeed - the sweat, blood and tears. :)