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this photo form entengvice.com
 (* i always forget to take a photo of the restaurant's facade...)

ON A RAINY DAY...a steaming hot bowl of soup is always good for the stomach and the soul =)

They serve Ramen with 3 soup bases. Shoyu (soy-based), Shio (salt-based) or Miso (miso-based).

shoyu chasu ramen

 soy-based soup with pork slices , bean sprouts and a generous amount of chopped green onions

gyoza  ( a wee bit tiny)


miso chasu ramen
 Miso based ramen with pork slices, bean sprouts and chopped green onions.

We have been in constant search for a good authentic ramen ever since our trip to Japan...My husband had a ramen hangover and couldn't quite get over it for a little while (well, actually, this always happens whenever we travel, he gets this food hangover from the places we go to...haha)

We've had a couple of trips to other ramen restos in the metro (i'll do separate posts on those), there have been "so-so" to "really bad" and a couple of "really good ones." For us, Ukkokei Ramen is not bad, a bit pricey though considering it's devoid of the traditional ramen"sahog" ingredients /toppings such as fishcakes, egg, seaweed, nori, tofu, etc. and i somehow find their soup a bit oilier than most...but you'll definitely know that the stock has been simmered for days with just one sip...

* Have to go back for that special ramen that requires ordering a day in advance. They say they only make 10 servings of it in a day. mmmm...

822 A. Arnaiz Ave. (Pasay Road), Makati.

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  1. I tried that (tantanmen ramen)! It's good and I liked it but I am not a ramen expert and I haven't been to Japan so don't put too much weight on what I just said hehe but try it and invite me when you do :)