Friday, October 07, 2011

Silya't Sili

We often pass along White Plains Road because we live nearby.. Establishments along this road have been slowly sprouting up. . .

selection of unique chairs for sale

Jeffrey Salon's "Hiling" Oil on Canvas  66.5 in x 71.0 in 2011

I want this painting! (If only we could afford it! haha. P95k)

more dining space upstairs

the hungry hippo

buko shake



hungry birds!
The place is really homey, you can relax and unwind and have a good meal. Service was very attentive and friendly. It's really interesting because it's an art & furniture gallery  and bonsai garden rolled into one, you can just look around and marvel while waiting for your food to be served. While the menu is nothing out of the ordinary, for us, it simply hits the spot. If you're craving to eat for a no-fuss, true blue Filipino home-cooked meal, this is one of the places you should go to. Satisfaction guaranteed. =) 

It's also a place to meet art enthusiasts and outdoor lovers who value the beauty of Asian wood works and bonsai plants. *Note to self: bring my parents here when they come visit me, because my dad is a bonsai aficionado and a collector of old wood. I'm sure he will enjoy a visit to Silya't Sili. 

Silya't Sili
#52 Katipunan
White Plains, Quezon City

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