Monday, July 25, 2011

Of Sunrise and Sunsets

PEACE is seeing a sunset and knowing who to thank . . .

They say that if you see an artwork that stirs your heart and makes you smile, or makes you want to laugh or cry, sing and dance, or all of the above, you must have it.  That way, every time you see it on your wall, you’d experience the same warm feelings over and over... I don't have the money to buy an artwork yet, but someday (i hope), when i grow up, i will buy myself lots of it. So for now, I will enjoy one of  life's many simple joys by appreciating the wonderful works of nature. Sunrise and Sunsets.

I rarely get to see the skies as vibrant as this (except for maybe when I'm at the beach). . . So I'm sharing with you some photos (pardon my photography skills) from that one day, I was lucky enough to capture it. Taken while my husband and I were having fishballs and balut at the park in our village.

I don't know how long i stood and stared and let myself be soothed. It was really fascinating. That right there is an artwork that's rare and beautiful, but cheap and perfect, and that made me smile. Nothing beats the feeling an amazing sunset can give. . . 

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