Friday, October 21, 2011

Pretty Little Things II

A lot of my friends loved my "Pretty Little Things" post. So here's my second round of wishful thinking for you guys... *sigh* 

Enjoy my ladies!

Dreaming of the Greek Islands

Bora Bora Island

Hmmm... I'm confused... I don't know which one I want more... Be able to go to the French Polynesian Islands? Kiss a dolphin? OR get a perfect beach body like that? haha!

Ashley Olsen
First of all, THE hair! Then comes the understated jewels, fierce eyes and muted lips. She is so Chic. Sophisticated and Sexy. Need I say more?

to paint or not to paint?
Sometimes, it would be nice to add a little bit of color into our wardrobes. We should all give that little black dress a rest from time to time, don't you think?

ain't these lovely?
If you really don't feel like wearing colorful clothes, some loud footwear perhaps? hehe.

Gwen Stefani's Son
Soo cute and cool! Someday, We'll have our own. 

Victoria Beckham & Range Rover Evoque
Victoria Beckham designed a special-edition, newer version of the Range Rover "Evoque". 
Now, how POSH is that?!

Hmmm...We all have that little "interior designer" thing (read: frustration) going on inside us, don't we? I have to admit, My first visit to IKEA was a very memorable one for me! Shopping expeditions at ROSS wouldn't be complete if I didn't pass by the home section! Heck, even home depot makes me giddy!  Ang sarap lang mag-imagine at mag bahay bahayan! haha

Lucite Chairs
I read somewhere that these chairs are now available for rent in Manila. This would have been a nice touch at my wedding! (note to my caterer best friend, you might be able to use this idea when you cater for a wedding na!)

Roasted/Grilled Bone Marrow
I've only had bone marrow from the Bulalo. Have got to try this one out and see if I can recreate it at home. 

One day, I will be able to get J to dress like Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid Love. Uhmmm..not really... but you get the idea...


We're back to regular programming. 

(photo credits: coastal, kelly, the glamourai)

Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano

Carpaccio, is a dish of raw meat or fish (such as beef, veal, venison, salmon or tuna), thinly sliced or pounded thin and served as an appetizer. - wikipedia

Much like eating in a good Chinese Restaurant, In my opinion, "It's hard to go wrong" with Italian too... You see, I don't remember having had a bad dining experience in an Italian Restaurant. (Ofcourse, I haven't been to Italy and haven't eaten authentic Italian food, So... I really have no solid basis for judgement, but I've met a couple of Italian chefs along the way,  and have tasted their ooh so good Italian cooking, so... for now, I will have to rely on that...) 
I have heard nothing but good comments about this restaurant since way back in college and I must say, it is truly one of the better Italian places in the metro. (*pardon my photos. I was too shy to take photos of all the food that Mr. & Mrs. T ordered, so i was only able to capture a measly few...) 

Friday, October 07, 2011

Happy Weekend Lovelies!

Silya't Sili

We often pass along White Plains Road because we live nearby.. Establishments along this road have been slowly sprouting up. . .

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Happy Birthday J!

The first time I smiled at you and you smiled back, I thought to myself: 

And the first time I melted at your touch? You know I was thinking:

But now, most of all, It's when  we're doing nothing at all --
bringing in the groceries, watching late-night TV, talking about our days --
that I smile and think to myself: 

Happy Birthday MY LOVE =) 

So proud of you!